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A mockup of Be FINE, a health and wellness book.

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TV mockup of Dr. Lisa Leslie Williams and her staring in Dr. OZ, NBC, Good Morning America, TLC, FOX and more.



Learn how she pivoted from a pill for
every ill
, to a nature-first approach and
crafting meals that heal.

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Dr. Rachel Yankey who is Board Certified Medical Board Physician.


Board Certified Medical Physician

As a family doctor diagnosed with an autoimmune disease many years ago, I can echo some of Lisa’s sentiments regarding the inadequacies of certain Western based medical philosophies.  Many of the doctors I encountered early in my diagnosis, were focused more on trying to make my symptoms go away than actually treating me and working to get to the source of the problem.

Not the case here.... Be FINE, is full of scientifically supported clinical knowledge, presented through her years of clinical training and lived experience.  
Lisa’s open honest testimony will help you SHIFT into your best life by tapping into natural remedies and clean living.  This is not a quick fix self-help book...Her words are not the typical sterile prescription, they are God inspired wisdom, proven true by her lived experience and lifelong passion for wellness.  

There are two added pearls to the material itself at the end of every chapter.... Dr Lisa’s Notes and Wellness Prescriptions. They give you a high-level summary of important points from the chapter some action items that you can start incorporating into your life.

Sometimes, we don’t make it to the end of books, but don’t shortchange yourself on this one.

Amy Grace's headshot. She is a plant-based dietitian and owner of master the media in Stamford, Ct.


MS, RDN, plant-based dietitian and owner of Master the Media

If you're stuck on where to start on your wellness journey, Be Fine by Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams is a must read. The book helps you write your own script for health and wellness––and provides you with the Caribbean-inspired recipes to support your journey. I know I'll be trying the Quinoa Porridge and Carrot Muffins!

Mike Danielson, a partner and president of the Health & Nutrition Divisions, Media Relations Agency.


Partner, President of the Health & Nutrition Division, Media Relations Agency

Dr. Lisa’s attention to detail and preparation prior to conducting television media or presentations is a 10 out of 10. As you can imagine we work with many influencers and key opinion leaders that after a period of time they stop rehearsing practicing etc. almost like they are professional athletes who no longer go to spring training or training camps. That's not the case with her attention to detail and understanding of subject matter. Most importantly her competence comes through!

iPhone Mockup of Holistic Wellness Expert: Dr. Lisa Leslie Williams.


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