Dr. Lisa Leslie Williams, wellness expert, enjoying the beautiful blue ocean waters near Sunny Isles, FL.

About Dr.Lisa

The wellness expert and author that utilizes traditional techniques based on backed studies and lived experience

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Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams was planted and cultivated in the Caribbean, where a natural a approach to health and healing is not only common, but encouraged. Her inspiring life story is one of divine calling and appointment. 

Combined with a bachelor of science degree in biology and a doctorate in pharmacy, Dr. Lisa’s background and education give her a unique advantage and fresh perspective not often seen in the wellness space. 

After several health scares in her own life, she pivoted from using a pill for every ill, to a nature-first approach and crafting meals that heal. 

Her expertise and refreshing personality has been featured on a plethora of news media outlets and publications including the Dr. Oz Show, ABC, FOX, NBC CBS, TLC, Yahoo, Eating
Well, Parade, and Women’s World Magazine. 

This wife and mom of two, is currently designing her life in the Washington DC area, while plotting her next travel adventure to someplace warm.

ThE Mission

To empower others to take control by writing their own prescriptions for health and wellness. It’s not about deprivation, but liberation through education that will lead to transformative change.

Dr. Lisa Leslie Williams, holistic wellness doctor, sitting at her desk while being near Washington D.C.Dr. Lisa Leslie Williams, holistic wellness doctor, drinking a cup of coffee while being on her laptop smiling.Dr. Lisa Leslie Williams, holistic wellness doctor, sitting at her desk while being on her laptop smiling near Washington D.C.
iPhone Mockup of Holistic Wellness Expert: Dr. Lisa Leslie Williams.


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